How do I place an order with ebloom?

The process of ordering from ebloom is very simple, easy and fast!

1. You start by searching the ebloom platform for flowershops near you.

2. Once completed, you choose the products you prefer (flowers, bouquets, arrangements, plants, etc.) from the shop that is convenient for you.

3. Finally, you place your order.

How long will it take for my order to reach its destination?

For each order you place, the process of selecting the hours of delivery is available, which you will see on your screen. In general, the average delivery time of orders, in most regions, is estimated at two hours.

From which locations can I place an order?

Through ebloom you can place an order from anywhere in the world, Greece or abroad. So even if you are not in the country, with a few simple steps, you can send flowers all over Greece quickly and easily!

To which locations can I send flowers?

Ebloom, through its network of partner flowershops, allows you to send flowers almost anywhere in Greece. The areas we are most active in are Athens, Thessaloniki and Larissa, but as our network grows daily, over time we will be able to cover more and more locations.

What can I order from ebloom?

At ebloom there is a large network of flowershops from many regions of Greece. Therefore, you will find a huge variety of flowers, bouquets, plants, flower arrangements and generally floricultural products. All you have to do is choose!

Is it necessary to know the address of the person I want to send flowers to?

Not necessarily! Ebloom allows you to send your order even if you don't know the exact address of the recipient. After you do a search for flowershops located in the recipient's area and select the order, all you need to do is provide us with some information, such as a name and a phone number. We then handle the contact with the person who will be receiving the order.

What is the payment procedure?

Payment for orders through ebloom is made by credit/debit card or by using Viva Wallet services.

Is the payment secure?

Our goal is for all your transactions through ebloom to be quick, easy and, above all, completely safe. We personally guarantee the security of our transactions and are at your disposal for any further questions or clarifications.

Is there an app for the ebloom services?

At ebloom we know how important easy and fast procedures are, as well as the availability of our services via mobile phone. Therefore, we are currently in the process of developing an ebloom app and it will be available to you soon.

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