About us

About us

Do you want to send flowers easily, quickly and without distance restrictions? eBloom is here for that very reason! It is a new idea on how you send and receive flowers. After noticing a lack of flower delivery options in Greece we created eBloom, through which the process is done with just a few clicks!

We believe that for every emotion there is a flower... A gesture as beautiful as offering flowers can instantly change the recipient's mood, zero the distances and generously grant smiles! Whether it's Valentine's Day, a holiday, an anniversary, or just to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them, at eBloom you will find the right choice for every occasion! There is a huge network of partner flowershops from where you can order and send flowers of any kind, arrangements or plants within two hours, from wherever you are, even from abroad.

The process is quick, easy and – most importantly – safe. All you have to do is type in the address where you want the delivery to be made, make your selection from the nearby partner flowershops and complete the payment securely within the eBloom platform.

Our goal is to revive the romance that often fades into the background due to everyday life and too many obligations... Therefore, by simplifying the process of sending flowers, no matter how tight your schedule is, you can make this beautiful gesture easily and very quickly!

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