Terms of use

Terms of use


The website "www.ebloom.gr" is a platform for the promotion of products and facilitation of transactions between third-party partner companies and prospective consumers via the Internet and through an application (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or "platform" or "application") created and operated by the Private Equity Company under the name "EBLOOM GREECE P.C." and the distinctive title "EBLOOM", headquartered in Ilioupolis, Attiki, at Saronikos Street, no. 33 and legally represented, with TIN No. 801524121 Tax Authority Ilioupolis and General Commercial Registry number 158479901000, e-mail address info@ebloom.gr, telephone service line of the e-shop: 210 9703733.

The following terms and conditions will apply to the use of the platform and the application under the "ebloom" trademark which is located at the web address www.ebloom.gr. Any user who enters and transacts or makes use of the services of the online platform (hereinafter referred to in short as "visitor" and/or "user" or "customer") shall be deemed to consent to and unconditionally accept the following terms set forth herein, without exception. The same applies to their updates and modifications from time to time which govern the relationship between us. If a user does not agree to these terms, then they must, at their own risk, refrain from visiting, using the website, as well as from any transaction or use of the platform services.

1. General Terms of Use

It is necessary to visit this Website regularly to be informed of any changes to the Terms and Conditions. Our company reserves the right to:

α) To freely modify or revise the Terms and Conditions of use and transactions through the platform, whenever it deems necessary, and undertakes to inform consumers of any change through the pages of this platform. Contracts through the e-shop are drawn up in the Greek language.

b) To renew or upgrade part or all of the content of the Website.

c) To renew or upgrade part or all of the interface, structure or configuration of the Website and its technical specifications, as well as

d) Restrict access to all or part of the Website.

Furthermore, the Company reserves the right at any time, without justification and without prior notice to the visitor of the Website, to cancel, suspend permanently or temporarily or terminate its operation. Access to this Website is permitted under these terms and conditions. It is underlined that the company reserves the right to modify and alternate the displayed products offered for sale and to stop displaying and promoting products of specific or all suppliers without prior notice.

This Website contains links to other websites which the Company does not control (the "Linked Websites"). The Company is not associated with the Linked Websites which are outside of its sphere of control. Therefore, the Company does not guarantee the currency, accuracy, legality, completeness or quality of their content and is not responsible for them or for any loss or damage that may be caused by or occasioned by their use.

2. Description of transactions

Through the Company's website, products of third party suppliers or other stores or third party businesses with which the Company cooperates (hereinafter referred to as "cooperating third party" or "cooperating business" or "cooperating third party supplier/store") are made available for promotion, display and sale to you. The Company displays through its website the products of the cooperating stores and businesses according to the list of available products provided by the cooperating third party store/supplier. The company does not undertake the delivery of the products to be purchased by the customer, an obligation that the partner store/supplier undertakes by its own means of delivery and with the respective terms of delivery of the partner stores. The payment is made in the secure payment environment of the Viva Wallet website (Viva Payment Services SA), an electronic money institution licensed by the Bank of Greece.

The company reserves the right to select at its sole discretion the products available for sale and promotion on the website-platform and to modify, renew and/or withdraw them at any time, without any compensation and without prior notification of the website users. The company shall not be liable in the event that any of the displayed products are not ultimately available in the partner third-party store.

In any case, it is pointed out that the description of the products and their specific properties and characteristics is based on the statements of the third-party suppliers - partner stores. In addition, the posted prices per item are determined exclusively by the third-party suppliers-partners.

The COMPANY is committed to the accuracy, truth and completeness of the information provided on the platform, concerning the identity of the COMPANY and the transactions provided through the website and its application. The company, in the context of good faith, is not responsible and is not bound by entries of electronic data that were made by error/ oversight during common experience and is entitled to proceed to their correction whenever it becomes aware of their existence.

3. Limitation of liability

The company does not have to and is not able to inspect nor is it responsible for the truth or accuracy of the information or for the suitability of the products for the purpose for which they are intended. The COMPANY in the context of its transactions is not responsible and is not liable for compensating any damage or loss arising from the cancellation of orders, from the non-execution or from the delay in their execution, for whatever reason. It does not guarantee the availability of the products displayed on the website, but updates the list of products based on the information provided by the third party supplier/store partner on availability or otherwise. The third party partner undertakes the obligation to inform the customer concerned in case of unavailability and undertakes in case of change of such data, to inform the customers in due time about the unavailability in which case it shall not bear any further liability. The platform provides the content (e.g. information, names, photos, illustrations), products and services available through the website "as is". Under no circumstances shall the COMPANY be liable civilly or criminally for any loss (positive, special or consequential, which is indicative and not restrictive, disjunctive and/or cumulative, consisting of loss of profits, data, loss of earnings, monetary compensation, etc.), that any visitor of the platform or a third party may suffer from a cause related to the operation or not and/or the use of the website and/or the inability to provide services and/or products and/or information available from it and/or from any unauthorized interventions of third parties in products and/or services and/or information available through it. Links within the website: Any links that may be included or referred to on the website, any links that may lead to pages of the third party affiliate store or to the websites of third party providers, businesses, etc. are not under the control of the company and the company does not bear any responsibility for the content of any such website or any link contained in an associated website. The company is not responsible for internet broadcasts or any form of transmission received from any linked website. The company may provide and post such links on its website at its discretion solely for the convenience of users and the fact that they may be included on the website does not imply that the company endorses or accepts their content.

4. Intellectual Property, Software, Content and Trademarks

The website www.ebloom.gr is the official website of the Company. The intellectual property rights in all software and content accessed on or through this Website are the property of the Company and/or its legal licensees or licensors and are protected by international copyright laws and treaties. Under no circumstances should the display and viewing of the content of the Website be construed by you as a transfer and/or assignment of a license and/or right of use. You may store, print and display the available content solely for your personal use. Publishing, managing, distributing, copying in whole or in part, transferring, processing, storing, republishing, modifying or otherwise reproducing in any form any part of the content or copies of the content displayed on this Website is prohibited. In addition, it is not permitted to use this content to develop or facilitate any business or commercial activity unless you have received written permission from the Company. It is also not permitted to modify, translate, reconstruct or create derivative works using any software or accompanying documentation offered by the company or its licensors. Furthermore, you do not have any license or consent to use, in any way, the Company's trademarks or the trademarks owned by the suppliers/stores of the products available for sale by the Company. Photographic illustration of our products: We have made every possible effort to ensure realistic and accurate photographic representation of the products sold through our Website. However, due to technological limitations, these photographs may differ from the actual condition, form and appearance of the products. This is entirely normal, given the limited technological possibilities, even with the use of the latest technological developments in the field of photographic imaging. Please be aware that, although the company has tried to accurately display the colors of its products, the actual colors you see will depend on the specifications of your screen and may therefore not be accurate. The Company does not warrant the accuracy or reliability of any information or content about any products or services, software or advertisements contained on, distributed through, or obtained from this Website, or any third party content to which you are directed via hyperlinks from the Website or to which the Website provides access to you. The product photographs are the intellectual property product of the third party partners, which have been made available on the Platform and are legally published on this Website with the express and written legal permission of the third party partners and therefore their republication and use is prohibited without the prior written permission of the third party partner. Permission to access the website: We hereby grant you a limited license to access and make personal use of this Website, but not a license to download or modify it or any part of it, which is permitted only with the express written permission of the Company. The access license granted to you does not permit any resale or commercial use of this Website or its content, any collection and use of any catalogs, descriptions, photographs or product prices, any derivative use of this Website or its content, any downloading or copying of account information for the benefit of another merchant, or any use of data mining, robots or similar data gathering and extraction tools. Reproduction, copying, duplication, sale, resale, visitation or other exploitation of this Website or any portion of this Website for any commercial purpose is prohibited without our express written permission. We have exclusive rights to the domain name of our company. Additionally all trademarks appearing on our website are duly subject to legal protection. It is not permitted to use frames or framing techniques to enclose any trademark, logo or other proprietary information (including video, images, text, page layout or format) of the Company Website and its affiliates without our written consent. It is not permitted to use any "meta tags" or any other "hidden text" based on names or trademarks of the Company or its affiliates without our express written consent. In the event of unauthorized use, the license granted by the company shall cease to be valid.

5. GDPR - Personal Data - Privacy of Transactions

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new regulatory framework of the European Union (EU) in the area under consideration. The subject of the law is the establishment of the conditions for the processing of personal data for the protection of the rights and freedoms of natural persons, and in particular the right to the protection of personal data. The personal data you provide us with, i.e. your full name, email, mobile/landline phone, home address and occupation, are only processed when we have a legitimate reason to do so. The matter of protecting your personal data is treated by our company as a top priority. Please see HERE our Personal Data Protection Policy – GDPR compliance.

6. Restrictions on access and use of the Website with a user account

Obstructing the operation of the Website in any way, as well as the replacement or alteration of its content by unauthorized third parties is prohibited. You should not commit or facilitate criminal acts, transmit or distribute viruses, Trojan horses, worm viruses, logic bombs and, in general, actions that may lead to an unacceptable or extensive burden on the infrastructure or operation of the Website are not permitted. It is also prohibited to breach the obligation of confidentiality or to use the website in any way that is offensive, illegal or obscene. In addition, you must not destroy data, cause dissatisfaction to other users, infringe the proprietary rights of third parties, send unsolicited advertising or promotional material, commonly known as "spam", or attempt to interfere with the performance or functionality of any features of the Website or features accessed through the Website. Violation of this provision constitutes a criminal offence under Greek law. We inform you that the company will report any such violation that may come to its attention to the competent authorities. Furthermore, it will disclose to the authorities any information requested in accordance with the requirements of the law. Apart from the above, you may create an individual user account for the use of the online platform, subject to the restrictions set out in the section INSTRUCTIONS FOR KEEPING A USER ACCOUNT - PARTICIPATION IN THE EVALUATION SYSTEM AND REWARD POLICY. Your registration on the online platform and the creation of a user account gives you access to the evaluation and reward system. To view the relevant section click HERE and HERE .

7. Card payment transaction security

Recognizing the importance of electronic payment security, EveryPay is a licensed Payment Institution by the Bank of Greece (Decision No. 280/3 / 23-7-2018 GG B 3010 / 25-7-2018), and manages securely card payment transactions, in accordance with the regulatory framework of the card transaction security management standard. Everypay is certified in accordance with the PCI DSS compliance standards. All Everypay services are made through secure connections with 256bit SSL certificates. EveryPay also supports the ability to use the 3D Secure service, an additional security token for VISA & MasterCard. The Payer then has to enter his personal secret code to complete the transaction successfully.

8. Terms and stages of completion of the sale

By placing an order, you agree to the application of these terms and conditions. It is expressly underlined that this website does not constitute an offer to conclude a contract to the consumer but an invitation to submit a proposal by the latter. The stages of the process from the submission of the order by the customer to the conclusion of the purchase contract between the customer and the company are as follows: Upon completion of your order request, your total aggregated order is displayed which includes all the products you have selected. Once you proceed to the purchase completion stage, you are invited to select the type of document you wish to be issued (receipt or invoice), the time of dispatch and delivery as well as the method of payment as detailed below. If you wish to purchase these products, you continue by clicking on the "Complete Order" button. In this way you submit a request to the third partner store/supplier for the conclusion of a purchase contract for the products you have selected. Once you confirm the order you are connected to the third party payment service provider in order to complete the commitment of the agreed price under their terms following below. Our Company, for the greatest possible security of transactions, may (but is not obliged) to carry out an inspection through its partner payment service providers as to the correctness of the payment details you send us (in the case of payment by credit card) at the stage of completing your order and connecting to the third party payment service provider, may reject your order if it is found or there is a possibility that there may be any problem with these details. Upon successful completion of the payment process, you will receive an automated order confirmation message, which will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided to us. Your order is received by the third-party partner store/supplier and is processed. In the event of unavailability of the ordered product there are the following possibilities: a) The third partner store / supplier reserves the right to inform you of the unavailability of the product and brings to your attention a possible alternative available product and then, in consultation with you either the modified order is executed or on your own instruction it can be cancelled by the specific supplier. b) In case of cancellation by the specific supplier, the customer will receive an automated email informing them about the possibility for EBLOOM to process your order through another flowershop, following telephone approval. Then, when your order passes the processing stage, you will be sent a new e-mail. For this purpose, by accepting these terms and conditions, you give your consent to the processing of your personal data (e-mail address and mobile phone number) in order to receive information on the progress of the order. To carry out a transaction on the website you must be over 18 years old. Visitors who have not reached the age of 18 are not allowed to exchange data with us and must refrain from any action on our website. When you place an order, you commit that all the information you provide to us is true and accurate, that you are an authorized user of the credit or debit card you used to place your order, and that there is a sufficient balance to cover the purchase price of the products and shipping costs. In any case, the Company reserves the right to carry out the inspections referred to above. The Company is not liable in the event that the product is not received by the customer on the day of delivery due to their own fault (either by the store or by the courier company) or in cases of untimely delivery due to the existence of force majeure reasons. Passing of risk. In the event that any pending issue or problem arises during the processing of your order, then you will be sent a corresponding e-mail and/or we will contact you at the telephone numbers you have given us during the subscription or registration of the order on our website. Your order can be modified from its dispatch and until its confirmation as mentioned above by sending an email or by phone call to the email address INFO@EBLOOM.GR . After the processing of your order, it is not possible to modify or correct your order, but only to exercise the right of withdrawal provided by the law or the return of the product due to a possible defect.

9. Τιμές

The prices of the products listed in the online store include VAT, as indicated. In addition, the indicated prices do not include the additional required shipping charges, which are calculated depending on the selected shipping method and are indicated during the order submission process, before its confirmation and before the consumer's commitment. The company does not formulate the indicated prices, which are disclosed and indicated on the website at the instruction and notification of the partner store/supplier. The latter, however, undertakes to promptly make known any changes and/or withdraw the offers at any time without prior notification to the users of the website, who will be informed of the price applicable each time by the relevant posting on the website. Whilst we exercise due diligence to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices displayed on this Website are accurate, errors may occur for which the Company shall not be liable as aforesaid.

10. Delivery arrangements

Our company has absolutely no means of delivering the order. All deliveries are carried out by the partner store/supplier within the time period specified during the order submission process and always in accordance with the shipping terms of the partner store. The company bears no responsibility in the event of failure to deliver the product within the timeframe set by the partner store. The Company reserves the right to refuse to fulfill/execute any order to any member or visitor at its discretion and for any reason. The same applies in the event that any member or visitor has committed any illegal act, violation of the terms of use of the website, violation of the concluded purchase agreement (such as, but not limited to, non-receipt of an order from the store, unjustified refusal to receive the product from the courier, refusal to pay, etc.). Especially in the latter case, special conditions may apply to the execution of your order, such as, indicatively, the obligation to prepay the product by credit card or deposit in an account, while payment by cash on delivery will no longer be possible.

11. Payment arrangements

The payment method is set by credit or debit card. In this case, we inform you that for technical reasons related to the services of payment service providers, the amount is temporarily bound with the submission of the order on your part and is released upon confirmation of the order in accordance with the above. With the credit card payment method, the process will be carried out and completed through a trusted partner of ours, a banking institution that provides all the security guarantees of electronic transactions according to its statement. The collection and processing of the payment data you send us is only carried out by our partner financial institutions, which are solely responsible for processing them to complete the payment.

12. Withdrawal - Cancellation Policy

According to the law, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the supply of goods manufactured according to the consumer's specifications or those that are clearly personalized. As an exception, in the event that the order has been specified at a later time, it may be withdrawn up to a maximum of 24 hours before the set delivery time.

13. Disclaimer of liability

We inform you that the entire content of the Website is provided "as is" without any conditions or other guarantees as to its accuracy. Unless expressly stated otherwise, to the fullest extent permitted by law, the company hereby expressly disclaims any conditions, warranties and other terms which may otherwise be implied by applicable law and shall not be liable for any damages, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, consequential, punitive or incidental damages, or damages for loss of use, profits, data or other property, damage to reputation or goodwill, or for the cost of providing substitute products and services, arising out of or relating to the use, inability to use, operation or failure of this Website and any material posted on it, regardless of whether such damages were foreseeable or arise under contract, the making of a sale from our Website, from products on our Website or out of tort, under applicable law or otherwise. Furthermore, we are not liable in the event that you are entitled to a refund of part or all of the price for any delay by our partner payment service providers in executing the relevant order that the company has given in due time. We do not bear responsibility for any loss or damage that may be caused by a denial of service attack, viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect your hardware, software, data or other proprietary material due to your use of this Website or the downloading of any material posted on this Website or any Website linked to it. The Company and its partners make every effort, as part of their periodic technological inspection, to ensure that the services, content and transactions run smoothly and without interruption and to maintain its high level of security in place. However, it shall not be liable in the event that for any reason, including negligence, the operation of the company's website is interrupted or access to it becomes difficult and/or impossible and/or if, despite the security measures taken, "viruses" or other harmful software are detected and transmitted to the terminals of users/visitors, or if unauthorized third parties interfere in any way with the content and operation of the site, making it difficult to use or causing problems in its proper functioning or intercepting information concerning users' personal data. We are also not liable in the event of interruption of access to our website for reasons beyond the sphere of our control, as well as for reasons caused by technical or other network failure or reasons of force majeure or fortuitous events.

14. Link to this Website

A prerequisite for linking to our website is that you act in a fair and lawful manner, without damaging or exploiting our reputation. In addition, it is not permitted to create a link that implies any kind of relationship with us, or endorsement or support from us where none exists. You must not create a link to any Website that is not owned by you. This Website is not permitted to be placed in context on any other website, nor may you create a link to any part of this Website other than the home page. We reserve the right to remove the linking permission without prior notice.

15. Disclaimer of liability in connection with the ownership of trademarks, images of persons and copyrights of third parties

Any trademarks/brand names appearing on this Website are the property of the respective trademark holders. Any reference to a trademark or brand name is used solely to describe or identify the products and services and does not in any way assert that such products and services are endorsed by or associated with the Company. You may not export and/or reuse parts of the content of the Website without the written consent of the Company. More specifically, you may not use any data mining, robots or similar data gathering and extraction tools to extract any content (either once or multiple times) or reuse any substantial parts of this Website without the express written consent of the Company.

16. Amendment

The company has the right, at its sole discretion, at any time and without notice, to modify, remove or change any page of this Website.

17. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Greece and the European Union (EU). You agree, as we do, that you are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens, Greece, Europe.

18. The foregoing Terms and Conditions bind the parties (the company and users) collectively and constitute the entire agreement of the parties and supersede any and all prior and current agreements between you and the company.

In the event that any term of the contract is held to be unenforceable or cancelled, this shall not affect the other terms of the contract which shall continue to apply and bind the parties. Any delay by the parties in exercising some or all of their rights under these terms and conditions shall not result in any impairment or waiver of such right, which may be exercised at any time at a later stage and at the reasonable discretion of the beneficiary.

19. Dispute Resolution

We inform you that in the event that any dispute arises from the transaction between us for the resolution of which you have sent us a written request but we are unable to reach a common agreement between us, you may contact the Online Dispute Resolution platform via the Internet, at webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/ which is directly linked to the competent independent authority "Consumer Advocate" (//www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr). On this platform you can submit a request for the resolution of the dispute, whereupon our company can be subsequently summoned by the competent Authority at info@ebloom.gr . We also bring to your attention that our company acknowledges in good faith the advisory nature of the decisions of the Authority that will be seized and has not committed itself to the enforceability of these decisions. In any case of non-conciliatory resolution of the dispute through the ODR platform, the civil courts shall have jurisdiction.

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