Reward system

Reward system


1. The reward system is a service of the platform provided only to registered users who make their online purchases through the platform.

2. With each purchase the registered user acquires an equal number of points for each euro paid for the order, minus the cost of shipping. The points are automatically credited to the user's account upon completion of the online purchase and can be redeemed on the next order. It is noted that even for the order where points are redeemed, the corresponding points are credited with the amount of the order.

3. The points that each user has are made known by the platform by sending an informative email and are available from the next order. Furthermore, at the stage before the completion of the order there is a corresponding notification of the amount of points available for redemption, with the possibility of redeeming them being provided accordingly.

4. It is noted that the redemption of the points can be carried out after the accumulation of the first one hundred (100) points of each user. The allowed redemption limit for each order is one hundred (100) points.

5. Each one hundred (100) points are equivalent to five (5) euro, i.e. with each redemption of one hundred points you receive a five euro discount.

6. In the event that an order is cancelled or returned, no points will be credited.

7. The points are personal and credited to each user's account. For this reason, they cannot be transferred or credited to another user.

8. Upon subscribing to the platform and creating a user account, you automatically receive twenty (20) points as a gift.

9. The present system may be modified at any time without prior notice to the user.

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