Cookies policy

Cookies policy


Cookies are small text files that are sent to your device when you visit a website. The cookies are then sent to the originating website on each subsequent visit or to another website that recognizes this cookie. Cookies act as a memory on a website, allowing that website to remember your device on your next visits. Cookies can also remember your preferences, improve your user experience, as well as tailor the ads you see based on what you are interested in.

For additional information about cookies, including how to view the cookies set on your device and how to manage and delete them, please visit the website.

Types of Cookies

Temporary and Persistent Cookies

We may use temporary cookies, which exist until you close your browser. We may use persistent cookies, which are kept for a longer specified period of time.

Third party cookies

Our website may allow the installation of cookies from third parties that appear on our website. These third party cookies are not within our control. For further information on their use, you can visit the relevant third party website for further information. Details of potential third party cookies are presented in the table below.

Cookies used on this website

Below you will find a summary of the cookies used on our website.

1.Cookie name

You can set your browser in such a way that you are informed about the cookie setting and you can either decide to accept cookies individually or in total, or block the acceptance of cookies in certain cases. Each browser differs depending on how it manages its cookie settings. This is described in each browser's help menu, which explains how you can change the cookie settings. Follow the links below depending on the browser you are using:

Internet Explorer:





Please bear in mind that the functionality of our website may be limited if the cookies are not accepted.

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